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Current Version: 0.91
Current Maintainer: Sean Robinson <>
Original Author: Alex Malone <>

What is PalmImage?

PalmImage is a Java-based GUI/CLI application for converting GIF and JPEG files to VIEW pdb files. The user is able to select the color depth of the output pdb as 1-bit, 2-bit, or 4-bit; and in the GUI these changes are reflected interactively onto the Palm V simulacrum.

PalmImage has been tested on Linux (with the Blackdown JDK 1.1), MacOS, and Windows. Any platform with Java 1.1 VM and classes should work.

What does PalmImage look like?

Take a look at these screen shots for examples:

no image loaded
GIF loaded
VIEW pdb loaded
save dialog (linux)
save dialog (mac)
save dialog (win)

What license is PalmImage covered under?


What changes have been nade since the previous version?

See the Changelog.

Where can one download PalmImage?


What other resources are available for PalmImage at SourceForge?

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